"Having reached the fifth generation is the confirmation that our commitment has had and has reason to exist, and it is our reason for looking to the future with serene confidence."


CASCO is above all a brand that has always accompanied the best and oldest art tradition of our country, capable of combining the quality and design of Italian craftsmanship. The coral and cameos created in our laboratories are all unique pieces, magnificent examples of this art of workmanship.



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Our principles

CASCO meticulously takes care of all the details, from the fishing of the raw material to the cutting and processing by skilled craftsmen.


Centennial tradition and use of scrupulously and personally selected materials.


Techniques and workmanship, using an engraving method which, according to historical sources, dates back to over 5000 years ago.


Invest resources in development. Traditional working methods have been joined over time by new techniques which have been perfected over the years, proof of the constant search for innovation.


Attention to the evolution of design and the new needs that come from changing fashion. We continue to research aimed at improving the quality of our products and our service.


Motivation and high professionalism of the people who work in the company: essential to ensure product quality and customer and distributor satisfaction.

Your reviews


Nadine | Amsterdam

Dear Paolo, today I received the cameos, they are very beautiful, my compliments to the one who made them! I am very happy. Best regards,

A.B. | Texas

Dear Paolo, The coral jewelry you sent me is as beautiful as I hoped it would be. Moreover, it arrived in perfect condition. Thank you for giving my order your kind attention. By means of modern technology and your consideration, I was finally able to visit your factory—something I could never dream possible. I look forward to owning additional pieces of your fine Italian craftsmanship. (The best in the world!) Sincerely,

Marian | Haifa

I just received my bracelet and it is lovely! Thank you so much. I look forward to visiting in the near future.