At Casco srl as an ocean company, we want to be part of the change when it comes to marine conservation. We cooperate only with professional divers operating over 50 m depth using the following preventative measures:

• hyperbaric plants in closed bell • cables and umbilical cords • a constant audio - visual monitoring • medical assistance • adequate naval support as imposed by the European Safety Rules (89/391/CEE Directive of June 12, 1989; article 153 on the Functioning of the European Union with in particular the "principle of prevention and risk assessment at work“. UNI 11366).

In the meanwhile we are also supporting the aid of new technologies, in full respect of the environment and the sustainability of the resource with the use of ROVs (remotely operated vehicoles) for shell and coral fishing. Only by an appropriate selective collection, focused exclusively to the larger ramifications and monitoring those areas with young colonies we can guarantee a truly sustainable fisheries with respect for the envi_ ronment for the red coral itself : this approach can be guaranteed only by ROV.

We are supporting a group of young activists in a mission to restore the reefs and educate people on the importance of corals for the life of our oceans.