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Item n.:SC09029
size:73 x 60 mm
Item n.:SC09031
size:55 x 50 mm
Item n.:SC09034
size:47 x 39 mm
Item n.:SC09036
: 80 x 53 mm
Angels with horse
Item n.:SC09041
size:60 x 51 mm
Item n.:SC09044
size:55 x 50 mm
Angel in Venice
Item n.:SC09047
size:43 x 34 mm

prod. num.: SCEQ01

size: 78x59mm

prod. num.: SCEQ02

size: 60x45mm

prod. num.: SCEQ03

size: 55x43mm

prod. num.: SCEQ02

size: 43x33mm

prod. num.: SSC001

size: 40x30mm

prod. num.: SSC002 

size: 45x35mm

prod. num.: SSC003

size: 40x30mm

Flora cameo
size: 50 x 39 mm
prod. num.: SSCFL01

Testina SCSR01

available from 16x12mm to 30x20mm

Second Quality First Quality Artistic Quality Museum Quality





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