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  Lady`s head
Item n.: PWCS01

Quality: Second
Romantic Scene
Item n.: PWCS02

Quality: First
Amore e Psyche
Item n.: PWCS03

Quality: Extra
Lady with landscape
Item n.: PWCS04

Quality: Artistic
  Three Graces
Item n.: PWCS05

Quality: First
Ladies with umbrella
Item n.: PWCS06

Quality: First
Cherubs with flowers
Item n.: PWCS07

Quality: First
Item n.: PWCS08

Quality: First
  Lady with cherub and flowers
Item n.: PWCS09

Quality: First
Lady playing harp
Item n.: PWCS10

Quality: First
Romantic Scene with flowers
Item n.: PWCS11

Quality: First
Item n.: PWCS12

Quality: First