The History of Casco and Scognamiglio Family

1857-1906   1907-1927   1928-1999   2000-now


The marriage between the Scognamiglio family and the world of cameos and corals dates back to the late XIX century, when Michele Scognamiglio in 1857 began to produce his first cameos made from the rosy-red coral fished out the bay of  Naples.

Michele's son, Giovanni (1852-1911), carried on Michele’s business, but in 1905,  the factory was damaged by Mount Vesuvius during an eruption. Unfortunately, the following year, another eruption of Mount Vesuvius,  this time far stronger, destroyed quite a lot of Torre del Greco, including the Scognamiglio family’s cameo factory. The layer of ashes in the air was so thick that it was impossible to tell night from day. This was undoubtedly the most violent and destructive event on Vesuvius in the last millennium after the 1631 eruption, with more than 4,000 victims.

Scognamiglio family and the  cameos were separated by this tremendous event, but only temporarily.

Thus, Giovanni’s son, Michele, decided to become a doctor, without despising art and poetry.  He also did volunteer work in the medical field. He never left the small, sleepy, yet slowly growing village of Torre del Greco where he enjoyed great fame as doctor and as man.  He wrote to his beloved: “…Love me, and sanctify my life….If an angel descended on earth, that is you….”

It was Michele's son Gaetano Scognamiglio (1910-1999) who re-established the Scognamiglio family business and the marriage with cameo and corals. In 1928 Gaetano, with the help of his brothers Raffaele and Giovanni, re-founded the company under the name of F.lli Scognamiglio (Scognamiglio Bros.) first, and CA.S.CO. (for CAmeo Scognamiglio COral) later, after the separation from his brothers.

Immediately the  company stood out again for its splendid creations in coral and cameos. Only in the fifties they caught on abroad as well. Through the great willpower of Gaetano and also new marketing techniques and repeatedly business-trips abroad,  the CASCO name was already renowned not only in Europe, but also in America and Japan.

In the seventies CASCO exhibited their creations at jewellery exhibitions abroad where it fascinated very selected targets, including some real queens. Also business trips abroad on behalf of Gaetano son’s Rosario and Michele became always more frequent.

Due to the excellence of internet CASCO spans the entire world, much due to the business-minded and the whiz kid with the computer, Paolo Scognamiglio, born in 1976 from Rosario and his wife Lucia, who also has studied both Korean and Japanese at Orientale University of Naples. After degree and a master at Kyoto University, Paolo took over for Gaetano, who, unfortunately passed away at the age of 90, on the 23rd of October 1999.

Hitherto, CASCO s.r.l. is the leading manufacturer of coral and cameo, utilizing traditional methods that have been used for over 5000 years.


"History is important, shop with confidence online with a company that has one"

Paolo Scognamiglio

From the selection of raw materials to cutting and carving them into beautiful creations we pay great attention. Our craftsmen bring together a blend of the old traditional techniques with the new, creating magnificent works of art.

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