Materials used for cameos

The most usual materials used for cameos are: shells (cassis madascariensis, cassis rufa, strombus giga) lava, coral ,  ivory and turquoise.


Sardonyx shell    (Cassis Madagascarensis)  Cornelian shell (Cypraeacassis Rufa)  Pink Shell (Strombus Giga) Tiger shell (Cyprea tigris)

Cassis Madagascariensis: ca 12 inches. Chestnut brown at bottom, and perfectly white on the surface for engraving.

Cassis Rufa: ca 6 inches. Has an interior reddish layer; the exterior for engraving is pale flesh-coloured.

Strombus Gigas: ca 11 inches. Its white and pink layers are not always perfectly distinct from each other; also used for necklaces and buttons, fished in the Bahamas.

Cypraea Tigris: ca 2-4 inches. Has seven different layers of colour. In order: tiger brown on the surface. Then white-yellonwish, grey-blue, two tones of purple and finally a slightly blueish white. Fished in Indo-Pacific.


Other Materials


Lava Coral Ivory Turquoise