Company Profile

In the south of Italy, near Naples, in a small town under the feet of Mt. Vesuvius,  Torre del Greco, on February 19th, 1910  Gaetano Scognamiglio was born. He was one of the 10 between sons and daughters of the only doctor of Torre del Greco city.  Since when he was child he was very attracted from corals and cameos and thanks to his father's acquaintances  at the age of 14, he started working as a traveler for one of the oldest  companies in Torre del Greco until 1928, when at the age of 18, he established his own company  named  GASCO (GAetano SCOgnamiglio) and manufacturing coral and cameos.

    Great willpower, a humble character and great dedication to his work were the qualities which helped his company to become bigger and bigger.

     In 1950's Gaetano's sons, Rosario and Michele started helping him, who was very busy with his frequent business trips abroad, which at the time lasted days only to move from a country to another.

    In 1985 company name changed from GASCO to CASCO, but the dedication to work  was always the same, obtaining the same great results.

Gaetano continued working until his last days although he was almost 90 years old. After his death on October 23rd, 1999 Rosario's son, Paolo started working as sales manager in the company, and thanks to his Japanese and English speaking attitudes  he enlarged company contacts with Japan and America.

Nowadays Casco s.r.l. is the leading manufacturer of coral and cameo, utilizing traditional methods that have been around for over 5000 years. We pay great attention to every detail from the selection of raw materials to cutting and carving them into beautiful one of kind creations. Our craftsmen bring together a blend of the old traditional techniques with the new in creating magnificent works of art. It is no wonder that coral and cameo creations are passed down from generation to generation as treasured heirlooms.