I just received them today.
They are so pretty!! Thank you.
I will order more soon, when I decide which ones I want.

Ai M.

I LOVE him :)  he's perfect Paolo ..thanks so much :)


Dear Paolo,

congratulation on your Web Site and most of all on your product and history, I am impressed!

Frank C.

Dear Paolo,

The coral jewelry you sent me is as beautiful as I hoped it would be. Moreover, it arrived in perfect condition. Thank you for giving my order your kind attention. By means of modern technology and your consideration, I was finally able to visit your factory—something I could never dream possible. I look forward to owning additional pieces of your fine Italian craftsmanship. (The best in the world!)


A. B.

Dear Paolo !
Thank you for the wonderful shell lamp.
I have received it on Friday evening.
I got it undamaged and I love it very much - it  is like a piece of jewelry - too good for using !
Thank you very much.


Dear Paolo, thank you for the pictures, what a nice service. And I like the cameos very much.

Dear Paolo,

today I received the cameos, they are very beautiful,
my compliments to the one who made them! I am very happy.
Best regards,

Nadine K.

I just received my bracelet and it is lovely! 
Thank you so much.
I look forward to visiting in the near future.

Marian N.

We have received the larger cameo
thank you very much - you will receive payment from our accounts office very soon & also an order for some smaller cameos.
speak soon


Dear Paolo,
Thank you so much, I received the cameos yesterday late afternoon.
So all is gone well , the cameos are undamaged, they are gorgeus and I love them very much. They are much more beautiful than shown on the pictures.
Thank you once more again.
For the next time I will hope you will remember me , if you can get new designs of this special cameos - cornelian shell as well as sardonyx shell cameos.
( Perhaps can you find some with mythological figures or themes ).
With the best regards

Ingrid U.


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